GunWorks of Lower Alabama (GunWorks of LA)

Pricing & Customization Options


  • GunWorks of LA M14 Receiver is $835.00.

  • GunWorks of LA T44E4 Receiver is $935.00

  • Special serial number or model change = $150.00 for 1 or $200.00 both.

  • Other symbols, names, or custom changes quoted per request.

customized Artwork PRICING

 GunWorks of LA will charge a $100.00 minimum fee for customizations.  ALL customizations will be individually evaluated and quoted.   Specific art work for customizations should be emailed to  GunWorks of LA will evaluate the art work and requested customizations then e-mail a quote back to you.

There has been much resistance and controversy with the traditionalist over the Fcat logo and the half min of angle modifications I had chosen to incorporate into our first receivers.

Because we are a custom shop, Charlie and I have decided we are immediately changing two configurations.

At no additional charge:

1) The cat will be optional, on custom receiver orders you may decide at the time of order if you don't want the cat Logo.

2) The 8 groove half minute of angle will also be optional, just specify your preference at the time of order. 

3) We will drill the hole in the bottom right lug, of a 4 groove windage ear receiver, to accommodate the spring and the ball and this 4 groove ear will become our standard configuration.

Should you at some point decide to have the half minute of angle with a 4 lug ear, all you would have to do would be to obtain a windage knob with 8 serations and you’re good to go.

Have a special request not listed? 

Give us a call 251-653-8800 and we will be glad to give you a quote.